Saturday, May 15, 2010

The First Blog!

Blue Canoe Reloaded is now officially blogging!


  1. Hi , Lisa and Tim
    It was so nice to meet both of you at Farm Chicks. I'm especially happy to have seen the medical cabinet just as you unloaded it out of the trailer :0)
    Looking forward to seeing you again next year,

  2. Hello, Lisa and Tim
    Congratulations with your new blog. I am from CA too. I will be following you. Have a nice week. sandi

  3. Did NOT make it to FarmChicks this year. Love love all the pics I've seen of your booth. You'd have done serious damage to my wallet.

  4. Hey! You ARE online! ;0)

    We were so happy to see you both at Farm Chicks. What a marvelously inspiring booth & products you presented to inspire us all, and everyone in the Northwest LOVES you! Let's do it all again in July at Urban Barn in Escondido!

    Bob & Deb @ Retreat

  5. Welcome to blogging! I missed the Farm Chicks this year but hope to make it next year. Love the medicine cabinet you sold to Sue from Bella Shabby! Fantastic!

  6. Why didn't you tell me you had a blog? Now I can talk to y'all anytime I want!

  7. Hey you two! I'm sooooo happy to see you're blogging! Now you can blog for us too since we have been slacking. Sandy and I will add you to our fav's now....Whoooo Hooooo! Miss you!

    We're going to be in Escondido/Fall Brook for The Urban Barn's Grand Opening party! Maybe you can make it over for the day???

    See ya soon!