Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our 2nd White Wednesday

Another one of Tim's great birdhouses he made....for our Alameda show this weekend.....
Some of Lisa's artwork along with some "civil war" penny pipes display....
Another shot of our space at "Country Roads"
A "great" primitive Armoire..another great Texas find.......
"our" living room........
A Great "Texas find....
Our space at Country Roads...
And thats the " END "or our white wednesday..


  1. Is that Tim "winking" at me? LOL!
    Love all your stuff...I mean junk.

  2. I think Tim is just a big kid. His creations are amazing and he have to be a kid at heart to be able to think so out of the box. Love it!

  3. Hi Tim and Lisa, it was so good visiting with you last Saturday.Love your house, love your stuff and especially the birdhouse Tim just created! Keep in touch, Christie

  4. What is your space number at Alameda? I just love all your great treasures. Were you at Remnants too...Love it..Thanks Kathy

  5. FABulous stuff! Excited to see you guys again down at Urban Barn. Really, we should stop meeting like this... people will talk. ;0)

  6. You all have amazing things, really enjoy browsing through it all! Everyone was talking about you after Warrenton. Love seeing what you're doing!!

  7. I love the rear shot! But I really love your living room!!! I knew it would be gorgeous. I am lovin your White Wednesdays.

  8. Lucky birds.. They have a nice home. Your site is beautiful! I love the artworks! :)

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