Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Our space at Country Roads"

Here's a few photos of our window space we have at "Country Roads"in Old Town Orange.......we travel far and hard to find some of our unique pieces, and we are forever changing up our space with new finds..The "Madonna you see in this photo ended up going to a home just a few blocks from the store and the ornate wood and iron doors you see here, are being shipped to Japan..


  1. It looks great. I'd love to see more photos. From the Alameda Market, too! Love your stuff :0)

  2. You wouldn't mind taking those seashells off the doors before sending them to Japan, would you, Lisa (he-he-he)?!


  3. Gorgeous window display. Celia and I were so happy to meet both of you at Farm Chicks. We are loving our cross bottles we purchased from you. Wishing you much success with your business. xoxo Glad & Celia/Junebug

  4. Hey, Tim and Lisa! I have heard a lot about you two! Sue is my best buddy. She calls me Malaysia and I know SECRETS about her! So if you need anything...

    I'm also buds with Trash Talking Debbie, but don't hold that against me! Glad you have joined the blogging world!